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CTS is a thriving, independent, family-run business established in April 2000. Despite challenging economic conditions, we have experienced remarkable growth and proudly hold the position as the leading supplier of laundry, dry cleaning, and wholesale textiles to the esteemed Oxford Colleges.


Our exceptional service quality extends to Country House Hotels, Restaurants, and home customers, all served from our state-of-the-art Factory and Shop located in Witney. With a collective experience of over 70 years, our Directors bring a wealth of hands-on expertise.

They have meticulously cultivated a dedicated and highly trained team comprising more than 40 core skilled employees. This ensures that we consistently deliver the highest level of service, instilling in you a sense of complete peace of mind.

At CTS, we are committed to surpassing expectations, maintaining the highest standards, and providing an unrivalled customer experience, all of which is expressed in the testimonials provided by our long standing customers and which you can view here

Meet The Team


Mike Robinson

Founder &

Managing Director


Sarah Paris

Commercial Manager


Joanne Johnson

Office Administrator


Amanda Hughes

HR/Office Administrator


Christine Robinson

Director &

Company Secretary


Emma Cooke

Production Manager


Angela Jones

Office Administrator Assistant


Michael Doyle

General Manager


Sally Tavinor

Sales & Service Specialist


Diana MacDonald

Accounts Administrator

2020_Gold Award.jpg

CTS has been part of the Textile Services Association Climate Change Agreement scheme since 2009. This means we continually work towards targets set by the Department for Energy and Net Zero to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Since 2013 the laundry industry has achieved over 25% energy efficiencies in primary energy alone. All our efforts to reduce energy as described in the Sustainability section have contributed towards these efficiencies.

Fun fact:

There is over 170 years combined industry experience between our leadership team

ROSPA Anchor

At CTS, our membership of the Mindful Employer Scheme is a source of pride and we are signatories of the Mindful Employer charter. We offer our staff full access to this valuable service, providing essential support for enhanced mental well-being both within and beyond the workplace. This assistance is delivered by a dedicated team of experts in mental health and employment dynamics.

A workforce that experiences good mental health is inherently more productive and content. By endorsing the Charter, we not only demonstrate our dedication to the welfare of our employees, but also gain a roadmap for continuous enhancement.

CTS has always considered the welfare of its staff to be an underpinning element of how we run the company. We promote mental health support through Mindful Employer and other measures. We have trained two of our managers to be Mental Health First Aiders to provide day to day support when required. To support staff through the current cost of living crisis, we have implemented a number of practical ways to help. Industry advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau who have also provided money management training sessions. 

News letter

News Letter

August 2023

The launch of our new website.

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