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Welcome to our dry cleaning and laundry service!
With over 170 years of combined leadership  experience, our team of textile experts have built up a wide knowledge of laundry and dry cleaning and has developed strong relationships with manufacturers worldwide, giving us access to a wide variety of textiles.

Unleashing the Power of Clean with Eco-friendly Solutions

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for over 20 years

Experience a complimentary cleaning service on the house!

Available to hotels, restaurants and all commercial clients only

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Domestic / Personal laundry

Revive your fabrics with our top-notch cleaning services, from clothing, bedding, curtains, rugs and much more...

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Textiles for sale

With a combined leadership team industry experience of over 170 years, we mantain the best relationships with leading suppliers.

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Repairs & Alterations

Experience efficient garment repairs and alterations.

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Business laundry

Exceptional fabric cleaning services for businesses, ensuring pristine textiles and an impeccable image.


Garment Hire

Chefswear, workwear and corporate clothing, we've got it covered. We can produce personalised and embroidered garments which make you stand out from the rest.



Our easily recognisable fleet of vehicles ensures convenient delivery services throughout Oxfordshire.



At CTS we are committed to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We strive to conserve resources by using energy efficient machines, minimising waste and effectively managing operational working hours we also closely monitor transport routes in turn optimising reduced costs, energy and fuel. This is further broken down below in the steps already taken and are in the process of implementing.

Our most recent change is, after much research and testing, putting our trust into new chemical and auto-dosing supplier. We are confident this will take us to the next level are explained further in the attached details provided by WSI. Through the steps detailed below, we aim to promote a cleaner, healthier planet for current and future generations.

Old and new.PNG
Out with the old
In with the new

We've made a significant investment of £100,000 in advanced equipment, as part of our unwavering commitment to a healthier environment and delivering superior service to you, our valued customers.

CTS measures towards Sustainability so far and this is just the start:


CTS has been part of the Textile Services Association Climate Change Agreement scheme since 2009. This means we continually work towards targets set by the Department for Energy and Net Zero to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Since 2013 the laundry industry has achieved over 25% energy efficiencies in primary energy alone. All our efforts to reduce energy as described in the Sustainability section have contributed towards these efficiencies.


We abide by the Solvent Emissions Directive and have an operating licence issued by the Oxfordshire County Council


Every day we are looking at reducing, and in many cases eliminating, single use plastic. We still have improvements we will be putting in place through various internal and supplier procedural changes


All customer collections and deliveries are carefully planned to reduce wasted journeys/emissions thus supporting the Oxfordshire County Council’s phased zero emission project. We are also eager to purchase electric vehicles as soon as the market is there to provide the size of van that we need to service in and around Oxford and which carry the loads required


Removal and replacement of less efficient equipment is ongoing


We have made big investments this year in new energy efficient equipment, a new boiler and 2 new tumble dryers so far


The installation of a new wash chemical systems enabling us to reduce wash temperatures and water usage.

See attached information from WSI


Purchasing of wash chemicals in bulk ensuring that all containers are now returned for reuse by the chemical provider


Steam and condensate system in place to reduce lost energy


Production carefully planned to reduce operating hours


We are excited to have already started a new partnership with WSI, who are as passionate about their green credentials as we are at CTS.

2020_Gold Award.jpg

In 2020 CTS was awarded a ROSPA Gold Award for outstanding health and safety. We were delighted to be given this award as it was the first time we had entered for it, and we did put a lot of time and effort into our submission!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the usual star-studded award ceremony did not take place so our team were unable to enjoy any official glory for all their hard work! Health and safety has always been one of our highest priorities and the award was given in recognition of our excellent health and safety processes, training and procedures. Read more...

St Johns College, Oxford

Rita Ross - Senior Housekeeping Supervisor

“Here at St Johns we have a very successful working partnership with CTS and continue to do so in respect of a lot! For example dropping off and picking up of a lot of dirty and clean laundry on a regular basis together with a busy conference time which is very busy and with great efficiency and organizing with an increase of deliveries and dropping off clean laundry which runs very efficiently and lets St Johns deliver the service expected of us.


CTS always happy to help with any queries at all times.”

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