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Textiles for sale

After observing customers facing years of disappointment with substandard textiles from various suppliers, CTS has taken a proactive stance in sourcing and providing top-notch commercial textiles from renowned suppliers around the world.


These textiles are not only suited for their intended purposes, but also possess durability and are suitable for commercial laundering. This approach ensures a seamless experience for both us, the laundry, and you, our valued customer. Let CTS simplify the process of acquiring new textiles.


Inform our textile specialist about your requirements, and they will expertly guide you through the best options. From providing information and links to stock availability to offering valuable advice, they will be your trusted partner until you find the ideal solution at a competitive price. We stand by our commitment to unbeatable pricing.

If needed, stock can be directly delivered to CTS for processing, including personalised identification and embroidery if required. The processed items will then be delivered to you, ready for immediate use. Should any issues arise with the stock afterwards, rest assured, we're here to manage those concerns. A simple call to us is all it takes.

Invoicing for the stock will be handled by us, with direct payment to the supplier, alleviating yet another hassle from your end.

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