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Polite notice

When sending Laundry & Wet/Dry Cleaning to CTS PLEASE HELP US TO HELP YOU PLEASE REMEMBER TO:

• Report ANY missing items and/or processing issues from your delivery of laundry dry/wet cleaning within 72 hours of receiving the goods. Anything reported beyond this date will be investigated as best we can but no guarantees. Any expected deliveries that have not turned up to be reported same day as when expected.


• Fully complete a job list for all work sent to CTS. After completion, retain the PINK copy. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO SCAN ACROSS OR SEND A PICTURE OF THE JOB LIST WHEN MAKING ANY ENQUIRIES BEFORE WE CAN LOOK INTO THE QUERY.


• Do not pack dirty linen in black bin liners as this will speed up mildew growth and runs the risk of being mistaken for rubbish before we have had chance to collect your items.


• Use CTS hampers, do not remove the printed labels on the hampers as this has the correct customer name and department. EXTRA HAMPERS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST – Please phone or e-mail our office


• Pack similar linen types in hampers where possible, e.g., towels together, sheets together etc.


• Place WHITE & BLUE (or WHITE and YELLOW if rental) copies in the top hamper awaiting collection. Should you be sending in more than one job list for a number of hampers with similar items it becomes impossible to match the correct hampers to the job list so please, if possible, only send one job list per collection per department. EXTRA JOB LISTS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST – Please phone or e-mail our office.


• Notify customer services of any items that are sent in for laundry/wet/dry cleaning that is of retail/designer label value. The discounted service that we offer is for commercial valued items and any claim for compensation will be treated as such unless notified otherwise in writing prior to collection.

• Allow wet laundry to dry out as best you can before pack, as mildew will grow in warm damp conditions before we have chance to wash the items (mildew cannot be removed with normal washing, especially applicable to Kitchen & Chefs wear etc).


• Check all garment pockets before sending in (many various/foreign objects have been found previously). Injuries to our staff and ink stains from pens can then be avoided. Valuable objects we will always return.


• Do not overload hampers or use inside out, keep handles free (this will keep your/our staff injury free).


• Send dry/wet cleaning on a separate job list clearly identifying it as dry/wet cleaning on the hamper label.


• Securely fasten hampers with the draw cord provided before placing for collection.


• Please ensure paperwork is completed BEFORE the driver arrives to pick up your laundry.


DELIVERIES & COLLECTIONS: Please have your laundry ready for collection from 8am onwards each morning that we have agreed to visit you as we cannot give specific time slots for arrival.


SPECIAL REQUESTS or QUERIES: If you know in advance that you will require any additional stock or have any special instructions etc, during normal office hours, please e-mail or telephone one of the team who are available to help as always, where they can.


We at CTS are committed to offering a service second to none, therefore we have detailed below our OUT OF HOURS CONTACT NUMBER where someone will be pleased to help.

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