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Dining room / kitchen

CTS can provide textiles for all your dining room and kitchen needs.

Due to our purchasing strength, we can negotiate exceptional discounts with leading textile suppliers, such as Mitre Hall & Letts, Alexandra, Denny’s and many more. This allows us to offer choice, quality and competitive prices usually cheaper than you can buy direct.

Tablecloths & napkins

At CTS we can provide you with quality products for all your table linen requirements.

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Table protectors

CTS can supply two types of table protector, Octagon or Libra.

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Table skirting

Hard wearing and machine washable, table skirtings are available in a large selection of fabrics, colours and headings.

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Tea towels & oven cloths

100% cotton, terry or superdry tea towels.

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We import many of our own sourced textiles and keep a large amount of stock on the premises so we can always aim for a same day or next day delivery for emergencies.

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