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Shower curtains & mats

Shower curtains

Plain white PVC or polyester satin stripe

We have a selection of shower curtains ranging from a plain white pvc curtain to a stylish polyester satin stripe. They differ in material weight or density (gsm).The heavier the weight the better hang on the curtain and less chance that the air flow from the shower will push the curtain against the user.

Within the commercial sector, plain white shower curtains are the industry standard. However, coloured and patterned shower curtains can be supplied, minimum quantities permitting.

Standard length shower curtains are 180cm, but we can provide longer curtains, or indeed bespoke curtains if required. We recommend that shower curtains are washed regularly at 40 degrees to avoid fungal growth and limescale staining.

Curtain rings

C shaped plastic shower curtain rings can be supplied in packs of 12.

Rubber mats

It is an industry requirement that rubber mats are made available in all bathrooms with either a shower or bath to prevent slips.

We recommend the mats are washed after each use and allowed to dry. Soap will degrade the rubber. A light bleach solution can be used to remove stains.

They are available as a shower mat or bath mat in white only.