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CTS can cater for all your housekeeping needs – whether for laundry, dry cleaning, providing textiles or organising soft furnishings projects. We guarantee reliable and convenient deliveries, and pride ourselves on fostering good communications with housekeeping staff.

Bed linen

CTS understands that you want your bed linen to look pristine and inviting. We launder all bedding with the greatest care and attention. For special bedding which is not commercially launderable e.g. with poppered openings, or with fancy decorations, we will individually wash and iron.

We can also provide short term linen rental services in case of emergencies.

Other Bedding

We launder all types of pillows, duvets, mattress covers, blankets etc. and can deal with any quantities, large or small.

We can even provide vacuum bags for your duvets, to solve some of your storage problems!

Towels and Robes

All our towels and bathrobes are washed with care to ensure they are fluffy and soft, and all towels are hand folded. We can also provide specialist services such as colour restoration, whitening and removal of harshness.